About Us

Kamdhenu University has been established by the Government of Gujarat vide Gujarat Act No.9 of 2009 which is referred to as "the Kamdhenu University Act, 2009". The Act was assented to by Hon'ble Governor of Gujarat on 7th July, 2009

The University is established and incorporated by the state Government as teaching and affiliated University for the development of Veterinary and Animal Sciences and for furthering the advancement of learning, conducting of research and dissemination of findings of research and other technical information in Veterinary and Animal Sciences including Dairy, Fisheries and allied sciences in the State of Gujarat.

The Government of Gujarat by Notification No. KPY-2012-VIP-392008-P1, Dated 13/08/2014 notified the 8th July, 2009 to be the date on which remaining provisions of the Act came in to force.

Head Quarter & Jurisdiction

The Head Quarter of the University was to be fixed by the Government. Accordingly, the Government vide Notification No. GHK-72-2014-KPY-2012-VIP-292008-P-1 dated 26th August, 2014 declared Gandhinagar as the Head Quarter of the University. The territorial jurisdiction and privilege of the University have been extended to the entire state of Gujarat in respect of all constituent colleges, research and experimental stations as well as affiliated institutes.

The Act envisages that no educational institutions imparting education, conducting and guiding research or conducting extension education programme in veterinary and allied science and situated in the jurisdiction of the University shall be associated in any way with any other University established by law.

A peep in the past

Idea of a Veterinary and Dairy University in Gujarat was first mooted in 1984 by late Dr. Varghese Kurien, Father of White Revolution in the country. He proposed a University of Dairy and Animal Science (UDAS), but before it takes a shape, Dr. Kurien who was the Vice-Chancellor of Gujarat Agricultural University resigned from the post. Again a proposal was floated by Government of Gujarat to established Veterinary University in 1996-97 and an ordinance was also promulgated. This ordinance died without any action. Thereafter in 2009, with the blessings of Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi the Kamdhenu University Act was passed by the State Legislative Assembly. Thus, a new era of research and education in veterinary and allied sciences including dairy and fisheries has begin.

Power and functions of University:

Following are the powers and functions of the University: