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The Mehsana District Co-operative Milk Producers' Union Ltd. was established in the year 1960 with a noble intention of ensuring a fair return to the milk producers. It is a district level apex body of milk cooperative societies in Mehsana. The Union has made a successful journey of 54 years since its foundation in 1960. During the celebrations of Golden Jubilee year 2010, the members and the management took ‘Golden Pledges’ of which one was to establish an educational and research institute in the field of Dairy and Food science to cater the future need of Dairy Industry for skilled dairy technocrats. Thus, the Mehsana Union established an unaided educational & research institute in 2011 known as Mansinhbhai Institute of Dairy & Food Technology (MIDFT) under the aegis of Dudhsagar Research and Development Association (DURDA), a trust functioning at Mehsana District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd. The institute has been named in the memory of the Union’s founder chairman late Shri Mansinhbhai P. Patel. It is envisaged that MIDFT will open new avenues for the sons of the soil to flourish using innovative and state-of the- art technology in time to come.


“To be recognized as a Global Educational Institution and to evolve as a Centre of Excellence for the Dairy & Food Industry”


-> To mould individuals into future professionals and entrepreneurs in the world of Dairy & Food management.

-> To facilitate and support new innovations and technologies in the Dairy & Food industry.

-> To introduce and sustain international quality standards in the Indian dairy industry and secure an abundant future of India.

Resources & Facilities

Infrastructure: MIDFT at present is located in a spacious triple storey building located on the lush green campus of Dudhsagar Dairy. The building encompasses administrative block, fully furnished class rooms, laboratories, library, faculty room, meeting room and other amenities. Two Auditoriums located nearby as a separate building are being used by MIDFT occasionally for various programmes. The infrastructure facility created or near completion is detailed.

Laboratory & scientific instruments : The facilities are adequate for smooth conduction of practical of students Further, in addition to this, the facilities available at central QC lab., market milk processing plant, UHT plant, flavoured milk processing plant, workshop, and boiler section of Dudhsagar Dairy and the facilities of Sahyog are also been used for the academic/practical activities of MIDFT. The instruments for practicals of Fluid Mechanics were installed and practicals are carried out in engineering lab. Students visits at Ganpat University, Kherva, Saffrony Institute of Engineering for field visits.

Library and information facility : MIDFT maintains a pace and is taking keen interest in updating and modernizing its library right from the initiation to ensure the availability in enough numbers of books for the students. The library is flourished with varied titles of not only text books but also with reference books. There are a total of 1747 books of different dairy subjects in library. It has subscription of several journals and periodicals. Back volumes of scientific journals and annual reports of organizations related to dairy industry is also subscribed. Students are facilitated with e-content (e-books), Glossary of Important terms and reference notes of concerned subjects which are present in hard and soft media. The library is managed and maintained using an application software LMS –Moodle for e-learning and all the activities are been uploaded with the Campus Management Software after bar-coding generating database of new arrivals, cataloguing, coding, tracking record, issue record, student library etc. MIDFT has subscribed more than 50 magazines and journals of various subjects for library.

Dudhvidyasagar Dairy

Operational efficiencies of all the major equipments and process encountered in dairy plant. The students enrolled in four year B. Tech (Dairy Tech) degree course requires to undergo one year in-plant training. The training includes as per the different modules of the Dudhvidyasagar Dairy plant.

Dr. V. Kurien Academic Centre

To add another feather in cap, MIDFT has established & inaugurated Dr. V. Kurien Academic Centre of MIDFT by Ms. Nirmala Kurien, daughter of Dr. Verghese Kurien in June, 2013. The Academic Centre is named in the memory of Dr. Verghese Kurien, Father of White Revolution and architect of the largest dairy development program in the world – Operation Flood. The Academic Centre will serve as home away from home for students of Mansinhbhai Institute of Dairy and Food Technology, Mehsana. There are 40 rooms (twin sharing) having total capacity to accommodate 80 boy students at Dr. V. Kurien Academic Centre.

A mess for dining, Sports recreational facility and 10 Quarters for faculty housing are made available at Dr. V. Kurien Academic centre. Outdoor games like Volleyball, Kabbadi, and Football etc are being played at the Play grounds at Dudhsagar Dairy Campus.

A new apartment for Girls Hostel is also created in Dairy Staff Colony (capacity to accommodate 50 girls), separate rooms for warden, and recreation respectively with additional facility like RO System, Washing Machine, Television, Carom board etc. A Library, Reading Hall and Auditorium with Training facility is planned shall be created at Dr. V Kurien in near future.

MIDFT staff & students organizes & celebrates Women’s Day, Science Day, World Food Day, Sports, NSS activities, student’s cultural programme, Tech-fiesta, etc for the holistic development of students.

MIDFT is successfully moving ahead on a path of transformation of grass-root Milk Producing Farmer’s Children into Dairy Professionals, i.e.“Milk Producers to Dairy Technocrats”

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To meet the task, MIDFT has initiates to frame its in-house R&D programmes and initiated working in collaboration with Dudhsagar Dairy, Mehsana and finalized by the core committee.

Research activities identified and initiated at MIDFT
S.No. Project Title Faculty
1 Biotechnological interventions in Dairy Processes/product Dr. D A Shukla
2 Utilization of Dairy waste for Bio-fuels production Dr. D A Shukla
3 Isolation and purification of bioactive peptides having antimicrobial activity produced by Lactic acid bacteria (LAB)/probiotic cultures Dr. D.A.Shukla
4 Low calorie dairy product Ms. Karuna
5 Functional starter culture for functional fermented food products (EPS producing starter) Dr. Falguni
6 Value addition of buttermilk of Dudhsagar dairy Dr. Falguni & Ms. Karuna
7 Formulation and optimization of process for soymilk peda Dr. Ankur Ojha and Mr. Apurv
8 Development and characterization of dietary fiber fortified dahi & chhash – Dairy products Dr. Deepak Mudgil & Dr. Sheweta Mudgil
9 Development and process standardization of mishti doi Dr. Deepak Mudgil & Dr. Sheweta Mudgil
10 Development of Instant tea and coffee premix Dr. Deepak Mudgil & Dr. Sheweta Mudgil
11 Development & characterization of sweetened stirred yoghurt Dr. Deepak Mudgil & Dr. Sheweta Mudgil
12 Development of regular and probiotic lassi beverage Dr. Ami patel & Mr. Nihir Shah
13 "Effect of domestic processing treatments on polyphenol content of Indian pulses" Dr. Manvesh Sihag Dr. Ankur Ojha

Dr. V Kurien Academic Centre

MIDFT Building

Dudhvidyasagar Dairy Kadi


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