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 As per the Section 11 of the Kamdhenu University Act Hon'ble Governershri of Gujarat is the Chancellor   of the University by virtue of his office, and under Section 10 the Hon'ble Chancellor is the officer of the  University. Hon'ble Shri O. P. Kohliji is the Chancellor of the University.

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Dr. N. H. Kelawala

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 Dr. Pravin H. Vataliya:Dr. Pravin H Vataliya has obtained his graduation in Veterinary Science & Animal   Husbandry in 1983 and Masters of Veterinary Science degree in Animal Genetics & Breeding in 1987 from   the College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry, Gujarat Agricultural University, Anand.  He   obtained Doctorate in Animal Genetics & Breeding from Gujarat Agricultural University in 1994 from   SardarKrushinagar.

 Dr. Vataliya started his professional career as Veterinary Officer in May 1983 at Poultry Complex, Dept of   Animal Genetics & Breeding, Veterinary College, Anand in an ICAR Ad HOC Research Scheme “   Development of Random Bred Control Population of Layer Type Chicken”. The research earned him ‘Best   Research Award’ from “Gujarat Association of Agricultural Sciences, Ahmedabad” for the year 1987-88. He was selected as Assistant Professor in 1987, as Associate professor in 1994 and became Professor of Animal Genetics & Breeding in 2002. He has served as Head of the Department of Animal Genetics & Breeding at Veterinary Colleges, Anand and Junagadh. He has also served as Research Scientist & Head, Poultry Complex, Anand and Cattle Breeding Farm, Junagadh and as In charge, Principal & Dean, Veterinary College, JAU, Junagadh.  He was bestowed with “Best Teacher Award” in Veterinary Science Faculty at Junagadh Agricultural University for the year 2011-12. He was deputed to Kamdhenu University and assumed the Charge of Dean Faculty of Veterinary Science at Kamdhenu University in November 2014. He was selected as Director of Extension Education at Kamdhenu University, Gandhinagar from 25th March, 2015.

Dr. Vataliya has been instrumental in establishment of Molecular Genetics Laboratory at Dept of Animal Genetics & Breeding, Veterinary College, Anand and has worked as Principal Investigator, AICRP on Poultry Breeding, AICRP on Cattle, Network Project on Buffalo Breeding, core laboratory under Network Project on Animal Genetic Resources, ICAR and other Research Projects at Anand Agricultural University and Junagadh Agricultural University. He played pivotal role in establishment of a New Veterinary College at Junagadh, strengthened Cattle Breeding Farm, Junagadh and new Projects for establishment of Bull Mother Farm, Regional Feed Testing Laboratory, RKVY Projects, ICAR Projects in Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry. He has to his credit, 44 Research Projects and other schemes.

He had key role in genetic characterization of cattle, buffalo, sheep and goat breeds of Gujarat and Genetic Polymorphism studies for prolactin, growth hormone, FSH & Progesterone Hormone receptor genes, TLR genes etc., in different species of livestock.

He has guided 17 PG students in Animal Genetics & Breeding and Animal Biotechnology and presently guiding one PG Student and one Ph.D student in Animal Genetics & Breeding. Dr. Vataliya has several publications including 96 International & National publications, Eight Booklets, Two book chapters and 25 Popular articles and has delivered talks at several national seminars and symposia, trainings and workshops. He has also organized 12 national and state level seminars, workshops and several trainings for scientists and farmers. 

Dr. Vataliya has played pivotal role in preparation of different Regulations of Kamdhenu University. He has been instrumental in making the KU functional in the present form and contributed significantly to its growth which has completed four convocations and four bhumipoojan and lokarpan ceremonies and other major events of the University.

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dee@ku-guj.com, dee.ku.guj@gmail.com


Dr. D. B. Patil :Doctorate in Veterinary Surgery & Radiology with experience of 29 years in teaching, research and extension. Published 112 research articles in international and national journals with four book chapters. Guided 03 PhD and 17 MVSc students. Bestowed with 27 awards/medals for scientific contributions including INSA fellowship for Poland. PI of RKVY, Stent, Plan and DBT projects.




(O) 079-23220714 
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Dr. R. R. Shah :Veterinarian having doctorate degree in Animal Genetics and Breeding. He started his carier as Senior Research Assistant in 1978, and have worked as Junior Scientist, Senior Scientist (Sheep breeding) at AICRP (Sheep breeding for fimework) and have contributed to the development of patanwadisyutable a time He also served as Associate Professor and Professor at Veterinary College of Gujarat Agricultural University. During his tenure as research scientist (Live stock) at Livestock Research Station, GAU/SDAU, Sardarkrushinagar. He contributed for the eyeketching improvement in the milk production of Kankrejcattel of the farm as well as in the area of North Gujarat. During service tenure in also served as Dean(Vet.Faculty),JAU, Junagadh, as I/C Director of Research and dean P. G. Studies as well as I/C Dean (Vet.Faculty) at S.D.Agricultural University and has retired in March 2016. Since then he joined the Kamdhenu University as Dean (Vet. Faculty) and now he is discharged the duties of I/C Registrar of the University.

(O) 079-2322013 
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Dr. B. N. Patel: Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences with experience of 9 years in teaching and research. He has Published 5 research articles, 3 review articles in international and national journals and one book. He Guided 09 M Pharm students. He has also attended more than 13 National conferences / seminars / symposium as well as more than 4 Staff development programmes.




(M) 9427614360

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Dr. R.G. Shah: was born on 4th February 1964 at Ahmedabad in Gujarat. I did my MVSc (Reproductive Biology) in 1990 from Gujarat Agricultural University, Gujarat and PhD (Veterinary Gynaecology & Obstetrics) in 2000 from Gujarat Agricultural University, Gujarat and PGDMM from IGNOU.

I have 31 years of experience in teaching, research, extension clinical activities and administration. I started my career as Assistant Research Scientist from Gujarat Agricultural University (GAU), Gujarat and reached at the position of Professor (Veterinary Gynaecology & Obstetrics) in 2009. I have joined Kamdhenu University (KU) Gandhinagar, Gujarat as an Associate Director of Research in 2015.

I have been Nominated by NDDB as a subject matter specialist as an external member of PMC under National Dairy Plan-I, GOI in 2014. Nominated as Associate Member of Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI- Bangkok, Thailand). Co-Investigator in the e-Animal Health Card funded by National e-governance division. I have served as the member of board of studies at Anand Agricultural University & Kamdhenu University and also acted as a member of Academic Council and Planning Board at KU.

Bestowed with 7 awards/medals/prize for scientific contributions. I was awarded Prof. Nils Lagerlof Memorial Prize by The Indian Veterinary Association in the year 2001; Prof. Nils Lagerlof Memorial Award by The Indian Society for Study of Animal Reproduction in the year 2003 & 2008; Young Scientist Award by Society of Animal Physiologist of India in 1991; Best article award by Krushi Govidhya in 2005; Hari ohm Ashram Prize; Best Presentation Award by SVSBT in 2013.

I have acted as a Course Director for Hands-on Bovine Reproductive Ultrasonography; Organized National Workshop on Animal Disaster Management as well as Applications of Homeopathy in Veterinary Practice. Organized refresher trainings/Clinical Camps; Established veterinary emergency response unit (VERU) and acted as Coordinator Western Zone at CVSc and AH, Anand. Presently acting as Principal PGIVER and Dean Veterinary Faculty, also PG coordinatorand Convener in the many Committees viz., N-procure and rate contract for purchase of Scientific equipments, etc. VC nominee in many assignments.


(M) 07573035122  

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Dr. V. M. Ramani :Doctorate in Microbiology with 16 years of experience in teaching and research. Principal Investigator of four research projects funded by DBT, DST of Govt. of India and GSBTM of Govt. of Gujarat. Published 20 research papers and articles in national and intentional journals with four book chapters and three books. Guiding five Ph. D. students. Areas of research interest are nanotechnology, biosensors, micro/nano – encapsulation, efficient dairy effluent treatment, probiotic and prebiotic.

(M) 9879527043
(O) 02792–229456  

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Dr. Smit R. Lende: Doctorate in Aquaculture with 5 years of experience in teaching and research. Involved in the assembly and curation of Indian marine fish genetic resource collections, involving everything from fieldwork methodologies to bioinformatics approaches. Awarded as youth Agricultural researcher award 2017. Published more than 20 National and International research papers and articles with more than 30 popular articles, radio talks and one book. Guiding three MFSc students. Areas of research interest are fish nutrigenomics, barcoding, fish digital scanning and fish biochemistry.



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Sanjay G. Chandne :Sanjay. G. Chandne having a master degree in Environmental Engineering. Beside, also pursuing Ph.D. in the relevant field. He is equipped with an experience of 15 years in the field of Construction and allied works. Enthusiastic to extend the best of knowledge of field & Administration in the interest of Kamdhenu University.





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Shri. S.K. Jethani




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Ms. Hiral U. Shukla :Working in the capacity of Assistant Librarian and currently Incharge University Librarian earlier worked as a Librarian of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan for six and half years. Her Qualifications are B.com, BLIS, MLIS.



(M) 7573035125
(O) 079-23220719
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