Ex-Officio Members
1 Vice-Chancellor, Ex-Officio Chairman Dr P. H. Vataliya
2 Director Of Research And Dean of PG Studies Dr. D. B. Patil
3 Dean of Faculties 1) Dr. P. H. Vataliya, Dean, Faculty of Veterinary Science
2) Dr. V. M. Ramani, Dean, Faculty of Dairy Science
3) Shri. N. G. Akolkar, Dean, Faculty of Fisheries Science
4 Director of Extension Education Dr. P. H. Vataliya
5 Director of Student's Welfare Dr. B. N. Patel
6 Director of Information Technology Member
7 Registrar Dr. R. R. Shah
8 Finance and Account Officer/Comptroller Smt. Nisha Talsaniya
9 Planning Officer, Member Secretary Dr. V. S. Suthar
Nominated Members who possess high academic qualifications and experience
1 Dr. Motilal Madan, Ex-DDG(AS),ICAR,New Delhi & Ex-VC,PDKV,Akola(Mah.) And Ex-VC,PDU Veterinary Uiniversity Mathura Member
2 Dr. Pratap Bhosale Member
3 Dr. Nagendra P Shah Member
4 Dr. Dilip Kumar, Ex-Director,CIFE,Mumbai and Consultant to Govt. of Nepal. Member