Common Statutes, Rules and Regulations of Agricultural Universities of Gujarat are mutatis mutandis made applicable to the Kamdhenu University by Government of Gujarat vide Resolution No KPY/142014/2673/P.1 Dated 1st December, 2014. Statutes 1 to Statute 114 cover following matters:

  • Procedure of meetings, quorum, etc of Authorities of University
  • Appointment of Officers (Search Committee for appointment of Vice-chancellor, Appointment of the Vice-Chancellor, Emoluments and Perks, Manner of appointment of the University Officers, Selection committee for post of Officers, recruitment rules, etc.,)
  • Committees (Planning Board, Finance Committee, Library Committee, Construction Committee, Purchase Committee, Gender Committees, Convocation, Conferment of Degrees, Other Academic Distinctions
  • Travelling Allowance and Daily Allowance Rules for the nonofficial members of the Board of Management and Other
  • Affiliation of Colleges