Message From Vice Chancellor

Prof. M C Varshneya
Hon. Vice Chancellor
Kamdhenu University

Welcome to the new website of Kamdhenu University. Kamdhenu University is the one and only University of Veterinary, Animal Husbandry, Dairy & Fisheries in Gujarat established vide the Kamdhenu University Act, 2009 by Government of Gujarat for development of Veterinary and Animal sciences and furthering the advancement of learning, conducting of research and dissemination of knowledge to the animal farmers, fisherman and end users in allied sectors.

I joined Kamdhenu University as its First Vice Chancellor, on August 19, 2014. There was gigantic task before me to functionalise authorities of University. With the active support of Government recruitment of staff was done. Also, its first convocation was conducted in which Hon’ble Chief Minister, Government of Gujarat blessed the students of first batch. All these tasks have been completed. Now, my team has taken up task of developing a website of the University, which is what you see here. Construction of website is a continuous process. Each day it is to be updated and new pages of different activities are added. Therefore, what we found as a good presentable first format we have presented it to you here.

The website has been developed to introduce the University to netizens (the citizens who frequently use internet) with regard to its academic, research and extension education programs and the pulses of the University which throbs with its myriad activities. The net surfer will have a feel of the University through various web pages which can be opened from the home page of the website. We have tried to provide information which is required most frequently - on colleges including affiliated colleges, courses, research projects and regulations of various courses. Our aim is to provide on hand information immediately to the reader of the web pages. This is the first attempt and I admit that there are rooms for improvement. If, you feel that you still need some more information after browsing the site, please feel free to inform us through the e-mail so that we can improve it and provide the missing information. Keeping the welfare of all living being in my mind constantly, I wish you happy surfing.